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Wilflower Survey, Top Field, July 2006 (530KB)

Wildflower Survey, Tubbs Hall, June 2008 (836KB) 

Ancient Tree Hunt, Cowdown, December 2007 (792KB) 

Worthys Conservation Volunteers has already undertaken a number of surveys and field studies, the results of  which are presented below.  So far this has included wildflowers, hedgerows, butterflies and ancient trees, carried out at several sites.  See our map.

We will be looking to extend this, not least to include wildlife surveys.  So if you are running - or about to start - your own survey and need help then please contact us.

Dawn Chorus

Dawn Chorus Martyr Worthy - April 2021

Dawn Chorus Itchen Stoke Down - May 2019

Dawn Chorus Martyr Worthy - April 2018

Dawn Chorus Worthy Down - April 2017

Dawn Chorus Martyr Worthy - May 2016

Dawn Chorus Avington Park - May 2011


Top Field Bioblitz - July/August 2020

Glow Worms

Glow Worms, Worthy Down - July 2020

Hazel Dormouse Survey

Hazel Dormouse Survey, Worthy Down - Summer 2019

Dormouse Footprint Survey Tube Making Task Report - May 2019

Hedgehog Survey

Kings Worthy Hedgehog Survey - Summer 2016

Fungi Field Trips

Micheldever Wood Fungi Foray - October 2020

Micheldever Wood Fungi Foray - October 2010

Micheldever Wood Fungi Foray - October 2008

Bat & Moth Watch

Bat & Moth Watch - August 2011 - St Michael's churchyard, Cheriton.

Bat & Moth Watch - August 2009 - our first 'bat & moth evening watch' at St Swithuns Wildlife Habitat, was a great success.

Butterfly Surveys

Itchen Abbas Butterfly Photo Survey - July 2020

Farley Mount Butterfly & Moth Photo Survey - July 2020

Kings Worthy Butterfly Field Study - July 2016

Farley Mount Butterfly Field Study - July 2013

Top Field, located at grid reference reference SU 485 335.

Top Field Butterfly Field Study - July 2011

Top Field Butterfly Field Study - July 2009

Top Field Butterfly Field Study - July 2008 

Wildflower & Hedgerow Surveys

Worthy Down Halt Wildflower Survey - Spring 2021

Worthy Down Halt Wildflower & Fern Survey - Summer 2020

Nations Hill Wildflower Bank Survey - Summer 2020

Worthy Down Halt Wildflower Survey - Summer 2016

Worthy Down Halt Wildflower Survey - Summer 2013

St Swithuns Wildflower Survey - Summer 2012

Worthy Down Halt Wildflower Survey - Summer 2012

Dismantled DNSR Bridge Wildflower Survey - Summer 2011

Kings Worthy Community Centre Wildflower & Grass Survey - June 2008 

Top Field Botanical Survey - Summer 2006

Top Field Botanical Survey Full Report - Summer 2006

Worthy Down Halt Wildflower Survey - Summer 2006

Kings Worthy Hedgerow Survey - Summer 2004 - by special permission of Michael Edwards (the author) and Kings Worthy Parish Council.

Kim Bishop's Walk Survey - Summer 2004

Hedgerow & Wildflower Survey, Broadview Improvement Scheme - Summer 2004 - details of the hedgerow and wildflower survey are covered in the Broadview improvement proposal.

Ancient Tree Hunt

Can you help us 'discover' all the ancient and veteran trees in our area? 

"The Ancient Tree Hunt is a five year project to find and map all the fat old trees across the UK.  The online interactive project is led by the Woodland Trust in partnership with the Ancient Tree Forum and the Tree register of the British Isles. .. Visit www.ancient-tree-hunt.org.uk for more." - The Woodland Trust's 'The Ancient Tree Hunt' leaflet.

Maybe you know of a majestic oak, hollowed and knobbly, or a yew standing venerable in an old churchyard, even old dead trees still alive with insects and fungi, all holding the secrets of time and history spanning many, many hundreds of years!!  If so, we can help measure up, record details and take photographs, and register these online, for all to see.

As part of our winter walk and Christmas lunch in December 2007, we discovered seven, yes 7, new trees which were duly measured and recorded - five majestic old oak pollards all in a line, at Cowdown, Chilland, probably forming old boundary of some sort; another oak pollard elsewhere in on Cowdown and an well-known yew tree at St John the Baptist Church, Itchen Abbas.  Here is the report Martyr Worthy Tree Hunt Survey - December 2007.

As well as those trees identified in the Martyr Worthy report, here a couple of other magnificent old trees in the area:

Gospel Oak, Hampage Wood

Gospel Oak at Hampage Wood, Avington SU 5420 3120.

From the following extract it would appear that this tree, albeit the hollow shell remains, dates back to at least 597 AD ...

'A legend also connects Hampage Wood with a still earlier date. When Winchester Cathedral was being built, Bishop Walkelin being in need of timber asked William the Conqueror for the gift of as much timber as he could carry away from Hampage Wood in four days and nights. The king consented, and the bishop, having collected all the woodmen from the surrounding country, managed to clear the wood with the exception of the one tree under which St. Augustine was said to have preached. The hollow shell of a tree, kept together by iron bands and protected by an iron fence, still stands in the wood, and is known locally as Hampage or Gospel Oak.' From: 'Parishes: Avington', A History of the County of Hampshire: Volume 3 (1908), pp. 306-08. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.asp?compid=41978. Date accessed: 24 August 2007.

See link: Gospel Oak.

Oak at Gander Down


Oak in barley field at Gander Down, SU 5517 2801. 

See link: Gander Down Oak

There must be many more in and around Winchester and The Worthys - let's find them!  Please email enquiries@worthysconservationvolunteers.org.uk

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