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Dismantled Didcot, Newbury & Southampton Railway (DNSR) Line (Footpath 502)

Bench & viewpoint, DNSR footpath, March 2006 (444KB) 

Wildflower glade, DNSR footpath, June 2006 (480KB) 

Installing owl box, DNSR footpath, March 2006 (608KB) 

About the project: Map of railways lines in Kings Worthy

The history of the Didcot, Newbury & Southampton Railway (DNSR) line between Winchester and Newbury dates to the 1885; Kings Worthy station was established in 1914 and Worthy Down Halt in 1924.  The whole section of line was dismantled in 1964 as part of the Beeching Axe.  Since then the landscape of the now disused line from north of Kings Worthy to South Wonston has in the most part remained intact, although the southern stretch is now dominated by the A34 trunk road.  Nothing remains of Kings Worthy Station, however Worthy Down Halt is still very much visible as a relic of a bygone age.

The line is now used as a public footpath serving walkers and the like, in the local communities.  Since the line was abandoned, a great deal of tree and scrub has encroached on embankments and the path, the poor light conditions not good for ground level flora.

It is our intention to improve and maintain the dismantled line, creating wildflower glades, viewpoints and seating, as well as encouraging birds and bats. See Disused Railway Line Reconnaissance and our Railway Bench Design.

Where we have already created some openings in the scrub, wildflowers have started to colonise; for example, broad-leaved helleborine (Epipactis helleborine) and common twayblade (Listera ovata), both of the orchid family, can be seen on the southern most glade.

The disused railway line is located at grid reference SU 480 342.

See also our work at Worthy Down Halt

Tasks undertaken:

Hazel Dormouse Survey, Worthy Down - Summer 2019

Dismantled DNSR Bridge Wildflower Survey - Summer 2011

Pillbox Bat Hibernacula Conversion - Autumn 2010

Pillbox Clearance - April 2009

Scrub Clearance & Maintenance - January 2009

Glade Clearance - June 2008

Glade Clearance - February 2008

Bird & Bat Box Fixing & Path Clearance - August 2006

Bench Plaque Fixing - June 2006

#2 Bench Installation - March 2006

#2 Bench Site Preparation & Wildflower Glade Consolidation - January 2006

Litter Picking & Rubbish Clearance - October 2005

#1 Bench Installation - August 2005

#1 Bench Site Preparation - June 2005

Wildflower Glade Preparation on Hookpit Farm Lane Bridge - May 2005

Vista Site Preparation - March 2005

Wildflower Glade Preparation on Hookpit Farm Lane Bridge - January 2005

Scrub Clearance under Station Bridge - November 2004

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