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Observing and Recording Nature

Dryads Saddle (428KB) Caterpillar (396KB) Water Rat nest (668KB) Orange Underwing moth (224KB) Wild poppy field, Headbourne Worthy (580KB) Common lizard (400KB)

What's it all about?

Quite simply we want you to tell us what wildlife you have spotted or heard in and around The Worthys.  In return we will let you know what others have seen also, and together we can establish an important picture of nature and wildlife in our area, over time we may even observe changing patterns. 

So if you have come across a wild animal, wild plant, fungi or any other form of nature, then we would like to know - it only takes a minute.

On a regular basis we will publish a nature diary as a summary of your findings, which can be emailed direct to you if you would like.

And remember, to get out and look for nature and wildlife is inexpensive, healthy and great fun, and we can all learn a great deal too ...

Take me to the Recording Form

   Don't know what to Record?

  • Maybe you've seen an unusual bird, either in your garden or flying overhead, or maybe you've heard an owl in the middle of the night, or detected a migratory bird in the area, such as a cuckoo for the first time this year.  You could even let us know all the birds you see in your garden say on a given day.

  • You may have spotted a wild animal, maybe a deer or much smaller such as a water rat, field mouse or even a bat.

  • Reptiles (such as frogs, newts, lizards, snakes or slow worms) can be found if you look closely enough, so tell us what you've come across.

  • There are many different types of insects - tell us if you spotted a butterfly or moth, dragonfly, stag beetle, or any other insect.

  • Our chalk landscape is a fantastic place for a multitude of different wild plants and trees - let us know what you've found, for example an interesting or rare wildflower or an ancient or unusual tree.

  • And don't forget fungi, which come in all colours of the rainbow and different shapes too - send us a photo if you can - remember don't touch fungi as they can be very poisonous.

  • Use the form to record anything unusual, such as a bees' nest.  We don't mind if others have reported the same thing, the more the better actually!

Thistle (328KB) Slow Worms (468KB) Scarlet Elf Cup (648KB) Buzzard (240KB) Winnall Moors (460KB) Small Skipper (156KB)

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