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Welcome to Worthys Nature Watch

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How much do you know about nature in our area?  Would you like to share with others what you see or find?  Maybe you would like to help protect and conserve nature too?

Welcome to Worthys Nature Watch - a scheme run by Worthys Conservation Volunteers.  This is a unique chance for us all in the local community to help protect nature in The Worthys and surrounding area.

Do we know just what nature we have, let alone find ways to increase biodiversity - the variety of plants, animals, insects, fungi ,etc - or even start to tackle issues like global warming or offsetting our carbon footprint?  Tough challenges indeed ... 

What we can certainly say is that The Worthys has a fair share of natural areas - there are the lush waters and meadows of the river Itchen valley, the Winnall Moors wildlife reserve, the surrounding open rural area, and two old railway lines, not forgetting the community's urban green spaces and our very own back gardens.  These areas are all rich in wildlife and wild plants and we must do what we can and more to look after this important aspect to our environment.

Our aim is to record what nature we find, and where possible help protect and nurture it; and simply by spreading the word, we hope to raise the level of awareness and understanding of wildlife and plants, and you can help too ...

To achieve this, we aim to:

  • Set up a local nature database - this will help establish a better understanding of the abundance and diversity of our wildlife and habitats, and in doing so we create a nature-scape or nature character statement for the area.

  • Create new wildlife habitats, such as converting an old World War II pillbox into a bat roost, as well as continue with ongoing improvements at existing habitat-sites within the area.

  • Increase the diversity of plant life - by planting native trees and scattering wildflower seed on a disused railway line.

  • Keep you informed of all the above through the Worthys Nature Watch web site.

Click on the links opposite to find out more ...

How can I help?

You can help in several ways - click on the links below:


Observe & Record Nature


Help Create New Nature Habitats


Nature in the Worthys

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