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We need your help ...

We are always on the lookout for more members - there are plenty of tasks to do in the area and we would really appreciate some extra hands .. as the saying goes "many hands make light work" .. so come along and have some fun!!

Stop A While at Worthy Down Halt

Stop A While at Worthy Down Halt

Celebrating conservation in The Worthys, WCV has published this special article, describing the magnificent flora and insect life now seen at Worthy Down Halt.

Beautifully illustrated with photographs taken in the area, it is testament to the achievements of Worthys Conservation Volunteers.

To give your support or make a donation to nature conservation in the area, please contact enquiries@worthysconservationvolunteers.org.uk.

All proceeds are gratefully received.  And if you like the special article, please let us know also.  Thank-you.

Flora has recently been captured in a Worthy Down Halt Wildflower & Fern Survey - Summer 2020, undertaken during pandemic semi-lockdown restrictions.  A massive 118 wildflower species, 3 ferns, and 2 lichen have been recorded during June and July, of which 41 are new records. This represents a major achievement that provides evidence of the rich flora and biodiversity that now exists at the old station.  It is testament to the conservation activities carried out by WCV since 2006.  The survey will continue during July and August - if you would like to help out, please contact enquiries@worthysconservationvolunteers.org.uk.

Coming up ...

Due to current pandemic restrictions, all tasks and activities are suspended until further notice.

Plenty of tasks will be coming up later in the year when freedom of movement can be restored, in the meantime please stay safe .. and sane!

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